Legal Research Corner

The Legal Research Corner is a quarterly column published in The Colorado Lawyer in which CoALL’s law librarians provide answers to challenging research questions for the legal community. The archived columns are available below.

Uncovering Hidden Government Documents, Andrea Hamilton, August/September 2020

Fake News: How to Spot It and How to Avoid It, Madeline Cohen, May 2020

An Introduction to California Legal Resources, Lisa Schultz, March 2020

Gaining a Competitive Edge without Breaking the Bank: Free and Low-Cost Competitive Intelligence Resources, Keslie Kandt, December 2019

Here Comes the Judge: Judicial Analytics, Jan Bissett and Margi Heinen, August 2019

Dictionary Research for Lawyers, Nick Harrell, May 2019

Evaluating Research Technology, G. Patrick Flanigan, February 2019

Tracking Colorado Legislation, Robert Linz, December 2018

Blockchain Research: Bitcoins, Cryptocurrency, and Distributed Ledgers, Mark Popielarski, June 2018

Researching Colorado Health Law, Kerri Rowe, March 2018

Research Algorithms Have a Point of View, Susan Nevelow Mart, November 2017

Researching Colorado Resolutions and Memorials, Chris Hudson, August 2017

Beyond Court Decisions–Dockets, Documents, and Analytics, Jan Bissett and Margi Heinen, May 2017

Introducing Govinfo: A New Source for Federal Government Documents Online, Erik Beck, February 2017

Free and Low-Cost Resources for Research Companies, Andrea L. Hamilton, November 2016

An Introduction to Foreign and International Legal Research Tools, Nick Harrell, August 2016

Preliminary Patent Searches: New and Improved Tools for Mining the Sea of Information, Lisa A. Schultz, May 2016

Historical Headnotes: A Case Study of a Research Problem, Amelia Landenberger, February 2016

CU Law Library Launches New Resource for Historical Colorado Statutory Research, Robert M. Linz, November 2015

Conducting Federal Tax Research by Mark Popielarski, September 2015

Research Strategies Using Headnotes: Citators and Relevance by Susan Nevelow Mart, July 2015

#LegalResearch: Using Twitter for Legal Research by Stephanie A. Noble, February 2015

Casemaker – Overview of New Features and Insider Tips by Wanda J. McDavid, November 2014

Special Libraries for Historical and Government Research by Andrea L. Hamilton, Abby Lindquist, and Andrea McCullough, August 2014

UELMA – Another First for Colorado by Susan Nevelow Mart, May 2014

Researching American Indian Tribal Law by David E. Seldon, February 2014

Colorado Libraries for Mining, Environmental, Natural Resources, and Energy Researchers by Andrea L. Hamilton, Abby Lindquist, and Andrea McCullough, November 2013

Researching Emerging Technology by Stephanie Noble, August 2013

Denver Public Library: A Resource for Legal Professionals by Frank Wilmot, May 2013

Federal Government Documents Online: An Overview of FDsys by Anne Lucke, February 2013

Researching Natural Resources Law by Alan K. Pannell, November 2012

The Digital Collections at Colorado Law by Robert M. Linz, August 2012

Creating a Good Company Profile by Tom Seward, May 2012

Copyright Compliance Issues and Resources for Law Firms by Kelly C. Fanning, February 2012

Free and Low-Cost Online Legal Resources by Stacey Bowers, August 2011

Researching Federal Court Rules by Amy Levine, May 2011

Case Maker Upgrades and New Products Improve Functionality by Wanda McDavid February 2011

Researching Federal Legislative History by Rachel Compton, November 2010

Colorado Legal Ethics: Guide to Resources by Robert M. Linz, August 2010

Putting Google(tm) Scholar to the Test on Patent Research by Andrea L. Hamilton, May 2010

Competitive Intelligence Resources for Law Firms by Kelly Fanning, February 2010

Researching Colorado Local Government Law by Robert M. Linz, August 2009

Casemaker Revisited – A New Look by Wanda McDavid, May 2009

Professional Benefits of Online Social Networking by Madeline Kriescher, February 2009

Ask a Librarian – We’re at Your Service by Esti Shay, December 2008

Conducting Colorado Legislative History Research by Andrea Hamilton, August 2008

Delivering User-Centric Services at the Colorado Supreme Court Law Library by Robert Linz, May 2008

The Code of Colorado Regulations Goes Global by Candy Herring, February 2008

Researching Corporate Relationships by Shannon Vicic, November 2007

A Study of Dictionaries in U.S. and Latin American Courts by Sergio D. Stone, August 2007

Advanced Google Tips by Marcy Dunning, Judy Goater, and Wanda McDavid, May 2007

Colorado Joint Legislative Library: Background, Resources, and Services by Molly Otto and Gay E. Roesch, February 2007

Casemaker: Colorado Legal Resources at Your Fingertips by Wanda J. McDavid, with contributions from Andrea Hamilton and Margi Heinen, November 2006

Strategies for Finding Administrative Materials Online by Theresa (Tracy) Leming, August 2006

A Guide to Colorado Legal Research Sources – Part II edited by Shannon Vicic, May 2006

A Guide to Colorado Legal Research Sources – Part I edited by Andrea L. Hamilton, February 2006

Sample Document and Form Resources by Andrea Hamilton, November 2005

Basic Indian Law Research Tips-Part II: Tribal Law by David Selden and Monica Martens, August 2005
Update: August 2007 Update to Basic Indian Law Research Tips-Part II: Tribal Law article August 2007

Basic Indian Law Research Tips-Part I: Federal Indian Law by David Selden and Monica Martens, May 2005
Update: March 2008 Update to Basic Indian Law Research Tips-Part I: Federal Indian Law Article, March 2008

Searching Smarter: Finding Legal Resources on the Invisible Web by Bonnie Shucha, February 2005

Using Docket and E-Filing Retrieval Systems for Legal Research by Linda Fields, November 2004

Civil Rules Committee and the Rules of Criminal Procedure Committee, August 2004

Uncovering Federal Legislative History – Part II, May 2004

Uncovering Federal Legislative History, February 2004

Online Background Searching in Colorado – Part III, November 2003

Online Background Searching in Colorado – Part II, August 2003

Online Background Searching in Colorado, May 2003

Uncovering Legislative History in Colorado, February 2003

The Colorado Register and The Code of Colorado Regulations, November 2002

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