Publications Authored by Members

Barbara Bintliff & Georgia Briscoe, Perspective: The Ethics of Electronic Record Sharing, published in AALL Spectrum, v. 10:8 (June 2006).
**Received the 2006 Spectrum Article of the Year Award**

Barbara Bintliff, Context and Legal Research, published in 99 Law Library Journal 249-66 (Spring 2007).

Barbara Bintliff, From Creativity to Computer-ese, or Thinking Like a Lawyer in the Computer Age, revised and published in 88 Law Library Journal 338-51 (Summer 1996).

Georgia Briscoe and Karen SeldanCataloging @ 2000: Over 100 Years of Change at the University of Colorado Law Library, Cataloging & Classification Quarterly 30, no. 2/3 (2000): 177-195.

Georgia Briscoe, Climb High: High Altitude Mountaineering Lessons for Librarians, published in 92 Law Library Journal 217-224 (Spring 2000).

Georgia Briscoe, Karen Selden and Cheryl Rae Nyberg, The Catalog vs. The Homepage? Best Practices in Connecting to Online Resources, published in 95 Law Library Journal 151-174 (Spring 2003).
**Received the 2004 Law Library Journal Article of the Year Award**

Georgia Briscoe, Holy Grail Getting Closer at Colorado Law: One Search for Catalog and Articles, 35 Technical Services Law Librarian 29 (Dec. 2009).

Georgia Briscoe, The Quality of Academic Law Library Online Catalogs and Its Effect on Information Retrieval, 102 Law Library Journal 599 (Fall 2010).

Goldie Burton, Researching Colorado Ballot Measures, published in Legal Reference Services Quarterly, v. 26:3/4 (2007).

Al Dong, Uncovering Colorado Legislative Law-making and Legislative Intent, published in Colorado Libraries, v. 25:3 (Fall 1999).

Matthew ElishaBook review:  Betting the Company:  Complex Negotiation Strategies for Law and Business, published in AALL Spectrum Blog (3/2/2014).

Matthew ElishaLet There be Light:  Bryan Cave Debuts Its Redesigned Library Space, published in AALL Spectrum, v. 16:7  (May 2012).

Mitch Fontenot, Colorado Practice Materials: A Selective Annotated Bibliography, published in 88 Law Library Journal 427-55 (Summer 1996).

Margi Heinen, Reference from Coast to Coast column on

Yumin Jiang and Georgia Briscoe, The Wise Researcher, published in AALL Spectrum, v. 13:2 (November 2008).

Robert Linz, The Traveling Librarian: Extending Services to the State-Wide Judiciary, published in AALL Spectrum, Vol. 13, No. 4, Pg. 10 (February 2009).

Robert Linz, The Early History of the Colorado Court of Appeals, published in The Colorado Lawyer, Vol. 37, Iss. 11, Pg. 91, (November 2008) (with Claire Munger).

Robert Linz, Teamwork Builds a Traditional Library, published in 6 AALL Spectrum 6 (May 2002) (with Mitch Counts).

Robert Linz, Making Electronic Resources Available to Patrons , published in 19 Legal Reference Services Quarterly 115 (2001).

Robert Linz, Colorado Legal Research, (Carolina Academic Press 2010).

Robert LinzThe User’s Guide to Colorado Marijuana Law (Owl Canyon Press, 2014).

Robert Linz, Karen Seldan and Georgia BriscoAccidental Archivists: Lessons Learned from a Digital Archive Project, published in 33 Legal Reference Services Quarterly 99 (2014).

Robert LinzResearch Analysis and Planning: The Undervalued Skill in Legal Research Instruction, published in Legal Reference Services Quarterly, Vol. 34, Iss. 1, Pg. 60 (2015).

Susan Nevelow MartThe Case for Curation: The Relevance of Digest and Citator Results in Westlaw and Lexis, 32 Legal Reference Services Quarterly 13 (2013).

Susan Nevelow Mart[Dis]Informing The People’s Discretion: Judicial Deference Under The  National Security Exemption of the Freedom of Information Act, 66 Administrative Law Review 725 (2014) (with Tom Ginsburg).

Susan Nevelow MartTeaching the Benefits and Limits of Human Classification and  Machine Algorithms: Theory and Practice, in The Boulder Statements on Legal Research Education: The Intersection of the Intellectual and the Practical, Susan Nevelow Mart, editor. Buffalo, New York: William S. Hein Publishing, Inc., (2014).

Susan Nevelow Mart, The Legal Research Process, in Steven M. Barkan, Barbara A. Bintliff, and Mary Whisner, Fundamentals of Legal Research, 10th ed., Eagan, MN: Foundation Press  (2015).

Wanda McDavid, Competitive Intelligence: An Effective Tool for Law Firms, published in The Colorado Lawyer, v. 36:4 (April 2007).

Monica Martens, Creating a Supplemental Thesaurus to the LCSH for a specialized collection: The Experience of the National Indian Law Library, published in 98 Law Library Journal (Spring 2006).

Holly Pinto, Prove It: Using Statistics to Justify Additional Staff Positions, published in AALL Spectrum, v. 11:9 (July 2007).

Mark Popielarski, Assessing Altmetrics: Why Law Librarians (and Law Schools) Should Care about Altmetrics, published in AALL Spectrum, v. 19:2 (2014).

Karen Selden, Linking Globally, Coping Locally: Cataloging Internet Resources at the University of Colorado Law Library, published in Law Library Journal 92, no. 4 (Fall 2000)

Frank Wilmot, A Look at Race and Ethnicity in Colorado (1860-2005): Census Definitions and Data, published in Colorado Libraries, v. 32:4 (Fall 2006).


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