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2013 Spotlight on Your Career: “Transitioning to New Job Opportunities” Saturday, February 23, 2013

Keynote Speaker

Kim Dority, the founder and president of Dority & Associates, an information strategy and content development company, gave a presentation on “Transitioning to New Job Opportunities” and lead an engaging interactive session called “Ideas into Action: How to Put Yourself in the Path of Opportunity.” Attendees, from all types of libraries and organizations, learned several methods for uncovering new job opportunities and how we can make changes now to advance our careers in the future.

Kim Dority is the founder and president of Dority & Associates, an information strategy and content development company. During her career, she has worked in academia, publishing, telecommunications, and the library fields, in for-profit and nonprofit settings, for both established companies and start-ups. Kim created and teaches a course on alternative LIS career paths in the University of Denver’s LIS graduate program, and is the author of two books on LIS careers, including Rethinking Information Work (2006) and LIS Career Sourcebook (2012), both published by Libraries Unlimited. In addition, Kim created and manages the LinkedIn “LIS Career Options” group, which now includes more than 4,300 members from 60 different countries commenting on roughly 475 discussions.


2012 Spotlight on Your Career: “Capitalize on Change” February 25, 2012 at DU

Register to attend Spotlight on Your Career: Capitalize on Change on Saturday, February 25, 2012, from 9 am to 2 pm, at the University of Denver’s new education building, Ruffatto Hall. This joint program, offered by the Colorado Association of Law Libraries (CoALL) and the Rocky Mountain Chapter of the Special Libraries Association (RMSLA), will benefit librarians of every type, no matter where you are in your career path. There will also be networking opportunities to meet and talk with your fellow librarians and information specialists.

Keynote Speaker

Mary Ellen Bates is the owner of Bates Information Services, providing business research and analysis to business professionals and special librarians, and con-sulting services to the information industry. She also offers strategic business coaching to new and long-time info-entrepreneurs. In addition to her compulsive speaking and writing, she blogs at and


2011 Spotlight on Your Career: There’s an App for That – Upgrading Your Skillset in a Digital World

Are you feeling overwhelmed by the deluge of emerging technologies? Or maybe you are a tech geek already and you wanna make sure you don’t miss anything! Heck you might just wanna network with your colleagues in CoALL and RMSLA. Whatever your goal, we have an action- packed hands-on workshop for you! Come learn and ask questions about the latest tech trends and develop a plan for a acquiring or honing the skills you need to embrace these trends.

Speakers Megan Kinney (Director of Library Services, Community College of Aurora) and Matt Hamilton (IT Manager, Anythink Libraries) will identify the skills and emerging technologies that you can use to improve your career in this new digital environment. Between speakers, explore the Technology Petting Zoo, where you can handle the gadgets that are changing library services and literacy.

2010 Spotlight on Your Career: Creating a Personal Brand

Keynote Speaker

Lida Citroën has been helping businesses and professionals uncover and develop their true brand value for more than 20 years. As founder and principal of LIDA360, Lida helps her clients tap into their unique brand assets to produce effective and measurable marketing programs, increasing success and reducing costs by improving brand authenticity, consistency and integration. Lida is recognized for her keynotes, webinars and training programs which educate audiences on personal brand development and building brands online, using social media/networking tools and reputation management techniques. Her methodology and approach are both innovative and practical, and she is recognized for her contagious passion for quality.

Lida Citroen was a real wake-up call on Saturday morning…and not just because she was wearing a shiny, hot pink, leopard print jacket. Her presentation was packed with useful gems about creating your personal brand. Her message on LinkedIn states her company’s premise clearly: A brand is a promise delivered. It is your reputation and your legacy. Lida explained that branding is about feelings and emotional connections. She engaged us with Q & A while she explained and shared her expertise in personal branding. In particular, she asked us to consider questions that would help each of us to determine our personal brand, to help us figure out what others perceive of us, and how to prep an elevator speech (short and sweet!)

As usual, the Spotlight program was timely and useful. I am glad that CoALL and RMSLA continue to work together to present Spotlight on Your Career.


2009 Spotlight on Your Career: Building Your Professional Network

On Saturday, February 28, 2009, the 2009 Spotlight on Your Career event was held. Rocky Mountain Special Libraries Association (RMSLA) and Colorado Association of Law Libraries (CoALL) co-sponsored this informative and exciting event. The keynote speaker was Liz Ryan, an award winning speaker, author, and expert on the New Millennium workplace. Liz’s presentation was titled “Social Networking: Business Relationships Built Here.” Afterwards, to inspire attendees to put their newly acquired knowledge into action, the event included technology demonstrations.

Keynote Speaker

Liz Ryan, MS, is an expert on the new-millennium workplace, a former Fortune 500 Human Resources executive, and the author of Happy About Online Networking: The Virtual-ly Simple Way to Build Professional Relationships. As a keynote speaker, Liz travels throughout the United States and abroad, speaking to groups ranging from Human Resources executives and entrepreneurs to the United Nations. As an advisor to corporations on workplace and leadership issues, she has worked with Omnicom, Tyson Foods, General Electric, NBCi and a long list of global employers. Liz’s workplace-advice, job-advice, and networking columns reach millions of readers in print and online.


2008 Spotlight on Your Career: Travel Tips for the Road to Success

On Saturday, February 23, 2008, the Colorado Association of Law Libraries (CoALL) and the Rocky Mountain Special Libraries Association (RMSLA) presented Spotlight on Your Career 2008: Travel Tips for the Road to Success. Made possible by a grant from the AALL/BNA Continuing Education Grants Program, this year’s event featured two remarkable key speakers. Kathy Stroh, an accomplished speaker, writer, and teacher with over 20 years of experience, presented “Juggling Master: A Hands-on Lesson Dealing with the Most Difficult Obstacle in Your Path to Success—You”. Kim Dority, renowned author, teacher, and president of Dority & Associates, presented “Putting Yourself in the Path of Opportunity”.



2007 Spotlight on Your Career: Communication

On Saturday, February 24, 2007, the Colorado Association of Law Libraries (CoALL) held its second annual conference on career development for library students, librarians, and other information professionals. The title was “Spotlight on Your Career: Communication.” The keynote speech, “Wake up and Smell the Power: How Candor is Your Key to Outrageous Success,” was delivered by communications expert Meryl Runion, CEO of SpeakStrong, Inc. The conference also included two panels and lunch. The first panel focused on improving communications between IT professionals and librarians. The second panel focused on another difficult kind of communication: negotiating with library vendors.

Program Highlights

Working with IT Professionals Panel

  • Mark Estes, Library Director (Moderator) Holme Roberts & Owens
  • Chris Werner, IT Department Brownstein Hyatt & Farber
  • Chad McAllister, Senior Technology Consultant LexisNexis
  • Tamara Tureson, Electronic Resources Librarian Holland & Hart LLP

Negotiating with Vendors Panel

  • Karen Selden, Catalog Librarian Wise Law Library, Univ. of Colo.
  • Holly Pinto, Director of Library Services Holland & Hart LLP
  • Marcy Dunning, President Access/Information
  • Steve Clymer, President of ADR Services, Inc., and Adjunct Professor of Alternative Dispute Resolution




2006 Spotlight on Your Career: Developing Your 21st Century Library Career

On Saturday, February 25, 2006, the Colorado Association of Law Libraries held a conference on career development for librarians and other information professionals in the Frank H. Ricketson, Jr. Law Building at the University of Denver. The conference’s 100 seats were sold out about a week before the event. Rachel Singer Gordon delivered the keynote address. Rachel, who is a consulting editor at ITI Books, the author of several books on library careers and management, and the webmaster of, suggested several ways for participants to keep their careers on track, including publishing, presenting, participating online, keeping current by using technological tools, and building a personal network. Rachel’s address was followed by the Librarians as Authors Panel, which involved a lively discussion among several authors and editors about what editors are looking for, how potential authors can generate ideas and complete projects, and how to find and negotiate with publishers. Participants then networked and relaxed over a lunch catered by Pasquini’s. After lunch, the Careers Panel featured several successful information professionals talking about how they created their own successful information careers and how others could imitate their success.



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